Good Manager project: Ending of the project

Nikanor informs you that the Good Manager’s project has ended on the 31th of January 2023.
In fact, the Good Manager’s project aims to define a digital strategy for its organization questions the environmental impact of the digital products developed. ⛳️
Below the great results have achieved so far:
✅️ 1. The development of a platform guide. A commented guide which presenting the different stages of the platform design and creation, as well as the tools used and the elements of site control and evaluation.
✅️ 2. A good practices space. The interactive good practice map aims to showcase actors, digital achievements and tools that combine innovation with inclusion and improving the environmental impact of digital.
✅️ 3. The good practices user guide. The purpose of this guide is to explain the design process of the good practices map and the content of this wiki. It also describes the procedure for submitting external contributions.
✅ ️4. Training modules to know about Eco-Design Web Development, Digital accessibility, Inclusive project management.
✅️ 5. Training implementation guide. The pedagogical reference for the three e-learning modules developed during the project. It will promote the transfer of Open Educational Resources to the VET community, and the low-tech and inclusive approach implemented in the training module.
Get a look to the website to know more about the project:
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