An introduction of one of the partners under the NEED project- Hacettepe University

The time has come to introduce the last (but not least) partner in the project “NEED- NEWS LITERACY ON BOARD”- Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey (

Founded in 1967, Hacettepe State University is home for socio-economic and cultural development for more than 50,000 students, who are developing their potential in a wide range of disciplines, organised in 16 faculties.

Our partners, members of the academic team of the Department of Information Management, have experience on topics such as information, media and news literacy, e-learning, learning design, services and systems. They have an excellent reputation in the development of information literacy instructions, as well as in the development and implementation of web-based systems and online platforms.

The department organizes workshops, seminars, and teacher training activities in many areas, including information and news literacy (

The team is also an initiator of conferences, both national and international, such as: the European Conference on Information Literacy – ECIL ( and Information Management in a Changing World – IMCW (

Result of their hard work is the first web-based information literacy training package in the country ( and MOOC on news literacy

The wide experience and expert knowledge of the lecturers from the Department are invested in implementation of numerous research projects at national and European level. Some of them are:

– Enhancing Key Civic Competences for the Post-truth Era: News Literacy and Critical Thinking – ESSENTIAL (Пројекат Essential – Почетна (

– X-libris Smart ICT 3.0 Libraries Services: to Address on Future Skills and Competencies – Learning Spaces 2025. (

The team of “Nikanor” Ltd. is strongly motivated to exchange experience with its colleagues from Hacettepe University and believes that the collaboration under the current project NEED will mark the beginning of a long-term successful partnership.



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