Third and final day of the Training of Trainers under the project NEED

We are here with the latest news from the Training of Trainers under the Project NEEDNews Literacy on Board!

During this third and final day of the workshop, the partners worked hard on the design, set of rules, and methods of measuring the knowledge and skills, that are contained in the created design of the game for assessing news literacy skills.

The new game will not only be entertaining, but it will also meet all the necessary criteria for being used as an assessment method for news literacy skills. In the following months, the partners will continue their work on the prototype and finalise its pilot version.

The partners have worked in great synchrony, which has allowed them to look ahead to the next planned activities and outcomes of the project– a second educational board game and an online platform that will combine quality open educational resources related to news literacy.

The workshop ended with a lot of positive emotions and the awarding of Certificates of Completion for trainers in the field of news literacy.

We would like to thank to our hosts UPI – ljudska univerza Žalec for the warm welcome and enjoyable time we had in Žalec, Slovenia!

We would also like to thank to our other partners- Biblioteka grada Beograda and Hacettepe Üniversitesi, for their professional and accurate attitude and for the motivation and positivity with which we spent these three great days!

We can’t wait for our next meeting!

Stay tuned for more information about the new board game and the upcoming activities!



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