The 32nd Annual International Conference of the European Association for EfVet has concluded

With a resounding call for raising awareness in the field of Vocational Education and Training (VET), Joachim James Calleja, President of EfVET, closed the 32nd Annual EfVET Conference- “A Vocational Education Training Agenda of Future Skills for Green Transition”.

Education is always at the center of any crisis! If the crisis is war, then we employ peace education; if the crisis is obesity, we resolve it through health education; and if the crisis is climate change, we ask educators to change mindsets and educate for sustainable development

The message was delivered to more than 350 participants, including policy makers, VET experts, leaders and representatives of academic communities, from 34 countries, including 12 non-EU countries.

During the period 25-28 October, the Conference provided an unique platform for collaboration, experience exchange and a variety of interactive activities. Participants demonstrated their commitment to the green transition and to updating education and training programmes and adding new ones to match the green economy requirements.

More than 25 innovative projects were showcased, highlighting the successful implementation and sustainability of the results in environmental responsibility and sustainable development.

After participation in the event, Nikanor’s team is even more motivated and ready for new challenges on the path to enhancing skills for environmental transition and developing a truly green economy and will work even harder to promote EfVET and bring more Bulgarian organizations into the network.

We are looking forward to the next conference in the Netherlands in 2024!

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