Work force with undiscovered potential: Activating, Motivating and Inclusion of disadvantaged people to the current labor, social and cultural environment in the territory of the municipalities of Momchilgrad and Djebel



“Human Resources Development” 2021-2027, Priority 2: Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities, procedure BG05SFPR002-2.005

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In the municipalities of Momchilgrad and Djebel the living standards of the majority of people are relatively low in terms of the level of education, the lack of work habits and the lack of motivation for realization.
The project will help to improve the quality of life, promote social inclusion and inclusion in society of 5 specific groups of disadvantaged persons and their families in the municipalities of Momchilgrad and Djebel.


The project aims, on one side, to activate and motivate individuals in a vulnerable socio-economic situation, on the territory of Momchilgrad and Djebel municipalities, to improve their personal skills and qualities and thus improve their opportunities for realization on the labor market, and on the other – to support local businesses by providing them qualified workforce.

The project has set specific and measurable objectives, namely to identify 80 disadvantaged persons on the territory of Momchilgrad and Djebel municipalities, from the following 5 groups of disadvantaged persons and their families:

1. Youth who are outside employment, education or training systems;

2. Mothers or foster mothers with children up to 5 years old;

3. Unemployed persons over 50 years old;

4. Unemployed persons with primary education or less and no professional qualifications.


The project will achieve the following results:

1) 80 persons from the target group and their families have received adequate and comprehensive support;

2) Organised Forum in a hybrid format on the topic “European models of inclusion and creating the right environment for inclusion of disadvantaged people in employment”, which will be also available as a supporting resource after the end of the project;

3) Developed Handbook for Employers with direct examples and good practices for inclusion of disadvantaged people in the working environment, which will be accessible to all stakeholders at national level;

4) Created, by the identified persons in the target group, an online community that will continue to be functional as such after the end of the project- serving as a modern platform for mutual support and exchange of up-to-date information;

5) Conducted trainings for the target group in key competence “Learning Skills”;

6) Conducted trainings for persons from the target group for acquiring professional qualification in profession “Tailor”, 1st SPK, specialty “Tailoring”;

7) Held 2 events “Fair of professions” with participation of local employers and persons from the target group and their families as well as interested organizations and persons;

8) Organised 2 job fairs under the motto “The Environment is inclusive”, with participation of employers and disadvantaged persons and their families;

9) Developed good practices during the project to form public opinion and awareness of the undiscovered potential of disadvantaged people.

The sustainability of the project results is essential, as the aim is not just to ensure the access of 80 disadvantaged people to the labour market, but to ensure that they will maintain their participation after the end of the project.

In addition to the 80 people identified in the project, indirect beneficiaries will be the people in their surrounding – family, friends, relatives – who will be able to inform themselves about employment opportunities and the benefits of active labour market behaviour. Last but not least, the well-being of their families will be improved.



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