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- Professional counseling – The purpose of the consultation is to help those who want in terms of choosing the right profession (specialty); level of qualification – initial vocational training or retraining; ways to acquire the required skills. Decision-making skills: to select an appropriate institution; selection and search for suitable jobs and presenting to respective employers. Consultation is carried out through information and advice in accordance with the conditions and opportunities in the labor market, the requirements of the profession and the willingness of customers.
- Professional informing everyone concerned anout: the nature of the occupation, conditions and requirements for their implementation and enforcement; status and trends in the application and development of the professions of regional and national significance; character requirements for employability; opportunities for training, education, raising skill levels; training institutions – vocational training centers, secondary schools and universities, colleges, centers for postgraduate and etc. (curricula, facilities and equipment, etc.), forms of training, admissions requirements for applicants, the documents issued upon completion; employability in the labor market.
- Only information: Enabling customers of the center to inform themselves of the professions and education that are of interest to them.
- Legal advice on labor, insurance and commercial law;
- Psychological support and motivation among long-term unemployed

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