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Recruitment and Selection of Staff

Company “Nikanor” Ltd has worked in the field of the recruitment and selection of staff since 2002. Our consultants and specialists are well-prepared for seeking and finding the most suitable person for your company. Each position for which candidates are recruited requires a different set of skills and personal characteristics. Our consultants identify these characteristics and comply with the culture in the company. We have a large database of candidates, which offers – fast and comprehensive search method. After a preliminary screening of candidates by considering their applications, candidates sit for an interview with the relevant specialist, besides making an interview with a psychologist and the company, as well as several tests depending on the position. Methods of selection used by us are varied, diverse, including everything necessary to comply with the requirements of the Contracting Authority to the applicant. Our consultants are looking for candidates for long-term commitment, not only suitable for the position, but also those who can be integrated into the company. Only successfully passed all these steps are sent for approval by our clients.

We pay special attention to each of our clients. We can offer you an individual quote depending on the position you are recruiting. Set deadlines for the completion of the contract and be treated with due attention to each client.

For more information we are available from 09:00 to 18:00 in the office or on the phones listed in the Contacts section.

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