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Different Trainings

“Nikanor” Ltd offers different trainings:

1. Ability to work in team
2. Leadership skills
3. Organizational Consulting
4. Development of professional business plans
5. Change management in the light of new economic conditions
6. Management consultancy
7. Marketing consulting services;
8. Group dynamics
9. Management of organizational change
10. Structural building management systems and organizational engineering;
11. Management solutions
12. Strategic planning,
13. Crisis management;
14. Diagnosis and development of organizational culture;
15. Corporate Entrepreneurship – specificity, modeling, management;
16. Establishment, management and inspiring work teams;
17. Communications Management;
18. Improvement of the trading system of the organization – conduct business negotiations, effective sales, customer service;
19. Establishment and management of a complex system for staff motivation;
20. Conflict resolution and crisis management in the relationship. -Mediation In conflict resolution;
21. Skills coaching, facilitation, and procedural consulting team;

Company “Nikanor” Ltd works with established professionals trainers and could organize trainings on key competences required by the Contracting Authority.

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