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About Us

In 1998 “NIKANOR” LTD was established as an agency for recruitment and management of human resources. Main priority of the company is a psychological evaluation and recruitment of staff.

Since 2000, the company has provided a complete service in the field of human resources – recruitment, psycho – dynamic training, consultations, organizational development, staff leasing and assessment center. In addition, “Nikanor” LTD offers analysis of the current situation

- Strategic planning and setting of objectives
- Overcoming and correcting inefficient strategies and objectives
- Optimization of the organizational structure of the company management, etc.

Also we provide trainings for developping relevant professional skills and qualities / Training in social and communication skills, training in conflict resolution and management of extreme situations, training for negotiating, training for team building and team compatibility, training in developing leadership skills.
In 2003 as a natural progression in the development of the company the need appeared to organize vocational training, further training and retraining. In October 2003 pursuant to Art. 22, para. 6 of the Law on Vocational Education and Training, by a decision of the Board of the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training / National Agency / Council of Ministers (Protocol № 14 / 15.10.2003, supplemented by Protocol 05 / 14.04.2004) company “NIKANOR” Licensed vocational Training Centre and acquired license № 200312072.

By 2005 the Centre was able to license and offers its customers professional training in over 20 different specialties in the field of tourism, economy, services and more. Trying to continue his development company “NIKANOR” is able to offer its private customers and organizations professional educations of language training in English, German, Russian, Spanish, etc.

We also offer our clients – Advisory Centre for Psychotherapy. Our professionals, who work there, provide consultations and psychotherapeutic help with stress, development crisis, family problems, depression, anxiety experiences, dependencies and more. It is also performed diagnostics of school readiness, psycho-educational assessment of difficulties arising during the learning process, problems of children and adolescents, as well as specific problems in relationships with parents, teachers and so on.

The company has a network of 150 teachers across the country who are engaged in the provision of training and are ready to work on various projects and programs. All trainers are university graduates – Master’s degree in relevant areas, most of them have a teaching qualification.

Following the path of the idea of lifelong learning, constantly expanding their experiences, interests and horizons, the company can now offer its customers a lot more – Private high school “NIKANOR” with language learning, Center for Information and Vocational Guidance (TSIPO), Organizational Development of state, municipal and private organization and others.

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