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Become our customer

CIPO Customers

Clients at the Center for Information and guidance are the following groups:

1.Students or recent graduates of secondary or primary education up to 24 years who are going to make choices in their career;
2. Unemployed persons over 18 years;
3.Persons wishing to choose a new direction in their career;

Candidates for CIPO customers must meet the following conditions:

1.The minimum age of the customer to be 12 years;
2.To accept the working rules of CIPO

Candidates for CIPO customers submit to CIPO the following documents:
1. Application (a set form);
2. Document certifying educational or class;
3. Birth certificate or identity card;
4. Autobiography

For more information we are available from 09:00 to 18:00 in the office or on the phones listed in the Contacts section.

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