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Timeless: The context of culture


People learn about themselves and the world around them within the context of culture. Students from minority cultures may feel pressured to disavow themselves of their cultural beliefs and norms in order to assimilate into the majority culture. This, however, can interfere with their emotional and cognitive development and result in school failure.
Teachers can avoid this by using varied teaching strategies; cooperative learning especially for material new to the students; assigning independent work after students are familiar with concepts; practicing role-playing strategies and letting students do research projects focusing on issues or concepts that apply to their own community or cultural group.
Talking to students about differences between individuals helps to create a bridge between cultural differences through effective communication and show how differences among the students make for better learning.
Exploring cultural heritage is a fun way to show differences between students and help them learn another language through the context of culture. Visit Timeless website and see how our Course for educators can help in creating diverse teaching strategies based on culture aspects.


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