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Timeless: find more about it

Suiti is a small Catholic community in the Lutheran region, acquiring a 400 km 2 territory of the northwest part of Kurzeme, Latvia. Since 2009 Suiti cultural space has been included in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List!
In this area, thanks to the strong influence of the Catholic Churches and the interaction of Latvian, Livonian, Polish and German cultures, an unusual cultural environment and identity have been created and preserved. The Suiti community is characterized by wives’ bourdon singing, rich wedding traditions, bright folk costumes, Suiti language, local dishes, religious traditions, annual customs and folk songs, dances and also melodies recorded in the region.
Timeless project is creating tools for learning a language in a new way, through intangible cultural heritage. With our partners from countries like Spain, Bulgaria, Belgium, Turkey and Slovenia, adult educators will have invaluable material for their lessons.

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