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Chat2learn project: Newsletter 1

Hello everyone!

This is the first newsletter of the Chat2learn project, started on January 2021 with
the kick-off meeting.
We will present general objectives and expected results of the project and, above all, the partners!

What is Chat2learn?

CHAT2LEARN is an Erasmus+ KA204 project focusing on the innovative use of Technology Enhanced Learning and chatbot
technologies in adult education, especially for teaching digital entrepreneurship.
Through the project, the partners seek to answer the raised expectations of nowadays learners, especially economically active people and entrepreneurs, who need innovative educational practices that create unique and tailor-made learning experiences.
The project aims to create is aimed at creating a chatbot able to interact with users as closely as possible to human
interaction, like a real teacher or tutor.
With chatbots, moreover, we now interact more and more often in a natural way: for example, think that when we look for something on a search engine we can „talk“ on the mobile phone that gives us the information we need.

Here is the Newsletter n.1 FINAL

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