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TRAFFIR Webinar 9th February

Please join us for our 2nd TRAFFIR webinar on 9th February 2021 (2-4pm UK/3-5pm CEST) via Zoom. You can register with this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_FcE9JFOsRzOH1SftwIxCIw After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Open Your Eyes Финализиране

  Въпреки Ковид – 19 сме успяли да постигнем всички заложени и очаквани резултати. Партньорите по проекта се адаптираха изключително бързо към новите условия на работа. Изработихме повече от очакваното, добавихме Съвети за обучители - https://www.openyoureyes.info/en/tips, изработихме Handbook - https://www.openyoureyes.info/en/handbook, проведохме срещи:Check it Out Labs, в които представихме проекта и тествахме интелектуалните продукти. В края на проекта положихме доста усилия за организация и провеждане на Multiplier events във всички партньорски организации, чрез които да разпространим резултатите по проекта и да въвлечем съмишленици, които да ни подкрепят за устойчивостта на дейностите, след приключването на проекта.

Open Your Eyes Completion

  Even with the challenges posed by COVID-19, we succeeded in completing all of the project objectives. The partners managed to adapt quickly to the new working environment and we even did more than we set out to do. We added educator advice – https://www.openyoureyes.info/en/tips, developed a handbook – https://www.openyoureyes.info/en/handbook, and held meetings – Check it Out Labs, where we presented the project and tested its intellectual products. To finalize the project we put in a lot of effort to organize multiplier events with all of the partner organizations with which we can share the results of the project and involve others who can support us in order to make […]

Cреща по проект ART

На 14 Януари 2021 се проведе поредната по нашия артистичен и изключително иновативен проект ART. Очаквайте скоро интересни материали как можем да се учим на умения като решаване на проблеми, целеполагане и разрешаване на конфликти чрез изкуство. Научетe повече на сайта ни. https://nikanor.bg/ https://applying-arts.eu/en

ART Meeting

On the 14th of January 2021, another meeting regarding our innovative and creative project ART was held. Soon you can expect interesting materials showing how we can learn skills such as problem solving, goal setting, and conflict resolution through art. Find out more on our website. https://nikanor.bg/ https://applying-arts.eu/en  


The webinar for project TRAFFIR had 31 people involved discussing the first responders in the pandemic situation. The idea is to recognise and treat mental health issues in the community. The webinar covered communication and stress, blue light trauma awareness, psychological first aid, and disaster management. The course content was also covered including topics such as CPR, heart attacks, strokes, and more.  Invitation WEBINAR TRAFFIR – 14.01.2021

CEL4ITM Newsletter 3

  We encourage you to notice the 3rd newsletter for the project CEL4ITM that is attached to this post. There is information about the work we have already done. You can also stay informed about upcoming events by following our social media. 

The Good Manager 1st Meeting

The first meeting on The Good Manager has been held over the course of the 10th and 11th December. We covered a range of topics including the global movement of digitization of society, and the issues of social and environmental responsibility. Our objective is to encourage digital professionals to think about combining eco-design AND content accessibility. That’s why we brought together professionals from the VET community, digital sector, and entrepreneurial mentoring to create The Good Manager: a set of modular, open-source, and free educational resources, gathered on a platform designed according to the principles of low digital design. Partnership management and project implementation will be implemented with a view to […]

ART Newsletters

We just wanted to share these 2 interesting newsletters with you regarding the ART project.  Newsletter 1: https://www.flipsnack.com/Movebeyond/final-newsletter-aa4eci-6.html Newsletter 2: https://www.flipsnack.com/Movebeyond/newsletter-2-appplying-arts-for-education-creativity-and-i.html

Open Your Eyes Project Conference

We would like to invite you to register for the LLLP and DLEARN’s joint Final Conference for the project, taking place online on the 11th of December, from 2.00 to 4.00 pm (CET). Here is the registration link: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4966062325303438860