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Chat2learn: Първи бюлетин по проекта

Здравейте! Това е първият бюлетин по проекта Chat2learn. Ще представим нашите цели и очаквани резултати и преди всичко партньорите, участващи в този проект! В следващия бюлетин ще опишем някои от най добрите практики, идентифицирани от партньорите, за да разберем как се прилагат ефективни чатботове CHAT2LEARN е проект по Еразъм+ KA204, фокусиран върху иновативното използване на технологиите за технологично усъвършенствано обучение и чатбот технологиите в образованието за възрастни, особено в преподаването на дигитално предприемачество. Чрез проекта партньорите се стремят да отговорят на повишените очаквания на днешните обучаващи се, особено на икономически активните хора и предприемачи, които се нуждаят от иновативни образователни практики, създаващи уникален и персонализиран учебен опит. Проектът има за […]

E-heritage: The topics of our modules

We are happy to announce that E-heritage consortium agreed on a common methodology which will guide them working for the implementation of the 6th educational modules! Based on this modules the consortium will deploy a blended course for EDUCATORS (adult educators) in order to be ready to meet the needs of their learners –cultural workers – when designing tailored educational programmes and activities for them. The themes are: – Digital competences needed in creative and cultural field – Pedagogical approaches in the cultural heritage sector – Digital solutions and technologies in the teaching practice of adult educators engaged in creative/cultural industries – Digitasion and digitalization of cultural objects – Organisation […]

MAP project: 1st Newsletter

We’re happy to share, with you, our 1st Newsletter under MAP project – MOTIVATE. ACT. PROMOTE ID:2020-1-ES01-KA204-081780 You could take a look on it on the link below! ––––– Имаме удоволствието да споделим с Вас нашия първи бюлетин по проект: MAP – Мотивирай. Действай. Популяризирай Може да го разгледате на линка по-долу: MAP – Newsletter #1 – BG

E-heritage project – Learn more in our leaflet

  The e-heritage project supports all those cultural workers who are struggling to adapt to a new virtual and digital paradigm and all those educators in charge of training them to do so. If you are a professional in this sector, browse through our website and find out all the project can offer you, going from skills assessment tools and training courses, to an interactive creative map with many resources or a guide that will help you organise very attractive and accessible cultural events! Innovation, creativity, inspiration and much more is what this project has to offer. Get involved and join a community that will help you make the most […]

Timeless: The context of culture

People learn about themselves and the world around them within the context of culture. Students from minority cultures may feel pressured to disavow themselves of their cultural beliefs and norms in order to assimilate into the majority culture. This, however, can interfere with their emotional and cognitive development and result in school failure. Teachers can avoid this by using varied teaching strategies; cooperative learning especially for material new to the students; assigning independent work after students are familiar with concepts; practicing role-playing strategies and letting students do research projects focusing on issues or concepts that apply to their own community or cultural group. Talking to students about differences between individuals […]

PEPA project: FB page

Keep on eye in our FB page create especially for the PEPA project Today we published very interesting article: In the 21st century, we are all migrants “Perhaps thinking of us all as migrants offers us a way out of this looming dystopia. If we are all migrants, then possibly there is a kinship between the suffering of the woman who has never lived in another town and yet has come to feel foreign on her own street and the suffering of the man who has left his town and will never see it again.”

The Good Manager: Creating the Internet of tomorrow today

3 REASONS WHY DIGITAL ACCESSIBILITY AND SUSTAINABILITY ARE WEB SOLUTIONS OF THE FUTURE In a time of growing environmental concern and demands for greater inclusion of disadvantaged groups, new societal expectations have emerged which prioritise the adoption of more conscientious practices. These calls for eco-responsibility and accessibility have not sidestepped the digital sphere either, as a sizeable chunk of our everyday activities takes place in this realm. The data is clear: today’s web is neither fully sustainable (with the internet producing approximately 4% of global carbon emissions), nor fully accessible (with 97.4% of home pages not meeting accessibility guidelines in 2021). The Good Manager project brings attention to an increasingly […]

Приключваме дейностите по проект DIGITT

През 2020 г и 2021 г. един от проектите които изпълнихме е по програма Еразъм плюс К1 Мобилност. Използваме възможността да поздравим нашите партньори от Edensol Danmarc Consulting SL, които подготвиха програмите за мобилност, съобразени с потребностите на нашите участници. В рамките на проекта бяха проведени 8 мобилности, всяка от тях 5 дни, в които се включиха 8 преподаватели, обучители, ментори, експерти и мениджъри от Никанор ООД. Темата на обучение за всички мобилности бе: „Adult Education Survival Kit: Effective Strategies for Teaching Low Skilled and Low Qualified“. Участниците бяха на различна възраст, както и с различен професионален профил. Области на професионална компетентност, които притежаватучастниците са в сферата на икономика, туризъм, […]

The Good manager: Digital activities and their footprint

Most of us assume that digital is inherently green. That’s probably because we don’t see the processes behind digital activity. When we print out an email, read it, and then throw it away, we have a better sense of the energy used in printing, and the waste created when tossing the paper. Thus the rise of the paperless workplace, and the tech industry’s often smug sense of eco superiority. What many of us don’t know is that digital processes use energy too — and a lot of it at that. The digital world isn’t as intangible and immaterial as it seems. Behind every digital interaction, there are computers, smartphones, copper, […]

PEPA project: Our first mobility in Sofia

Mobilities have started! We, from Nikanor, hosted our first face-to-face Transnational Meeting within the Erasmus+ project PEPA, gathering four partners from three countries (Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland) physically in Sofia, Bulgaria (Цпо Никанор, Fundacja IRIS, Organizatia Institutul Bucovina and @STREFA), and the other two, online via Zoom (@DomSpain from Spain and Go-Woman Alliance CIC from United Kingdom). We want to thank Maya and Vitlena for such a great experience, but also to Magdalena from Fundacja IRIS, that is coordinating the project, for taking this initiative. More than this, we had the chance of welcoming our new partner from Poland – @STREFA . #PEPA #MigrantWomen #erasmusplusproject #peersupportgroup #mobilities Here are some […]