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TIMELESS Newsletter

The first newsletter for the project TIMELESS is here with information about the partners and the progress of the project. We encourage you to read it for more information!

CHAT2LEARN First Results

The first results of our chatbot project CHAT2LEARN are finally here! There are many uses for chatbots in education, and we want to share our findings with you – A technical application for HR chatbot assistant, focused on recruitment and with possibilities to scale up to training and development. The practice was awarded as “Best HR project for SME” for 2020 by the Bulgarian People Management Association. Expect more information soon! We are also excited to tell you about our other chatbot integration ideas.

Chat2learn: Запознайте се с новия ни проект!

  ASSET – Агенцията на Търговската камара на Базиликата Италия, участва в проекта „Chat2Learn“ на Програма Еразъм плюс, координиран от Катедрата по компютърни науки на Кипърския университет, заедно с партньори от България (Nikanor), Холандия (Lidi Smart Solutions) и Испания (DomSpain ). Проектът е фокусиран върху използването на технологично усъвършенствано обучение и по-специално на чатботове. Основна цел на проекта е да бъде създаден чатбот, който да се използва за образование и обучение на възрастни, започвайки от цифровото образование, свързано с предприемачество, Чатбот, който да взаимодейства с потребителите по начин, възможно най-близък до човешкото взаимодействие, като истински учител или лектор. Нещо повече, сега с чатботовете си взаимодействаме все по-често по един естествен […]

Chat2learn project has started!

First Press release ASSET – Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Basilicata participates in the Erasmus Plus „Chat2Learn“ project, coordinated by the Department of Computer Science of the University of Cyprus, together with partners from Bulgaria (Nikanor), Netherlands (Lidi Smart Solutions) and Spain (DomSpain). The project – focused on the use of Technology Enhanced Learning and of chatbots in particular – is aimed at creating a chatbot to be used for adult education and training, starting from the digital entrepreneurial education, able to interact with users as closely as possible to human interaction, like a real teacher or tutor. With chatbots, moreover, we now interact more and more often […]

TRAFFIR уебинар 21/04/2021

На 21/04/2021 в 15:00 БГ, ще се проведе следващия уебинар по проект TRAFFIR. Ще се говори за преодоляване на трудни ситyации, травматичен стрес, ефекта на медицинската работа върху семеината система, и още други теми! За регистрация следвайте този линк: В Прекачените файлове можете да намерите още информация. Ще се радваме да ви видим там!    

TRAFFIR Webinar 21/04/2021

On the 21/04/2021 at 14:00 CET, we will host the next webinar for project TRAFFIR. We will talk about coping with difficult situations, compassion fatigue, traumatic stress, the impact of medical work on the family system, and more! You will need to register for the webinar via this link: For more information, please see the attached files. We will be happy to see you there!

CEL4ITM Conference 16th March

The first iteration of the final CEL4ITM conference is tomorrow, 16th March 2021. Attached you can find all of the information about the event. Make sure to be there!

CEL4ITM Final Conference

The time is now! To celebrate crossing the finish line on CEL4ITM, we are hosting a final conference. To give everyone the opportunity to attend, we are going to hold it on 5 days – 16th, 19th, 23rd, 26th, and 30th. We will be sharing the results from the project and a lot more exciting things. For full information please read the attached poster. This is an event you should not miss. We hope to see you there!

TRAFFIR Newsletter Volume 3

Volume 3 of our TRAFFIR newsletter is here! You can find a lot of information about the project in the newsletter including general context, objectives, and the impact it will have. We have attached it to this post. It is definitely worth checking out.newsletter_TRAFFIR_vol.3 (1) 

PEPA Newsletter

Today is international women’s day! Our project PEPA is dedicated to empowering female migrants. We want to share with you our newsletter attached to this post with information about our kick off meeting and more.