An introduction of one of the partners under the NEED project- Biblioteka grada Beograda

The 21st Century Library serves as a pillar of informal education and serves as a cultural and educational hub for the local community. Lifelong education and the development of information and media literacy, as well as digital competencies of citizens, are some of the important tasks of the modern public library.

Such a significant role in the society has also our partner in the project “NEED- NEWS LITERACY ON BOARD” under the Erasmus+ programme, Biblioteka grada Beograda, Serbia.

Belgrade City Library (BCL) is the largest public library in Serbia and region and one of the leading cultural institutions in Belgrade. Established in 1931, BCL serves as the parent library for a network of 14 municipal libraries and branches with a total of 65 facilities with over 1.8 million items.

Today, the library hosts over 2,500 cultural events and a wide range of educational and entertainment events. From workshops for pre-school children, to literary evenings and forums for a wider audience, to computer literacy workshops for seniors and accredited workshops for adult educators.

Programmes, seminars, conferences, trainings, exhibitions, lectures, debates, concerts, movie screenings, literary events- the cultural centre brings in around 200,000 visitors/participants a year from a variety of groups, including children, youth, adults, seniors and different vulnerable groups ( people with disabilities, unemployed, etc.).

Keeping the pace with digitalization and the transition into the age of technology, BCL is also introducing a diverse set of online services such as “Technoteka” – a collaborative workspace using cutting-edge technology such as 3D printers and Lego Education robots to make, learn, explore, and share and “MOOCs”- massive open online courses for news literacy and innovative cultural heritage services.

BCL has expertise in news literacy training and know-how in learning through games. Its contribution will be crucial to the achievement of the NEED project’s objectives, and through its national and international partners it will be able to disseminate the project’s results to a large number of professionals and library service users.

The team of “Nikanor” Ltd. believes that the collaboration under the project NEED will mark the beginning of a long-term partnership that will work towards the creation of a more engaged, informed and sober-minded civil society.



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