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Applying Arts for education, creativity and innovativeness

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The project brings the capacity of 6 organisations – 2 NGOs, 2 private training providers, 1 university and 1 public body, with different background and expertise in the fields of formal and non-formal education from Lithuania, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.

The overall objective is to encourage creative use of literature and fine arts into non-formal and informal education and to equip adult educators and training professionals with hands-on methodology and tools how to apply them into the educational process.

The topic of this project will be interesting for
- educators (teachers, trainers), tutors, who work in the field of formal, non-formal and informal adult education;
- HR professionals;
- coaches and mentors;
- formal and non-formal training providers.

The expected impact is:
- enriched knowledge and skills of educators on how to apply fine arts and literature in formal, non-formal and informal adult education and to use it for boosting emotional intelligence of their learners and for unlocking their critical and “out-of-the-box” thinking, creative potential and innovativeness.
- Increased knowledge about national and European cultural heritage and awareness how to use it for educational purposes.
- extended networking between adult educational organizations, training providers, NGOs and public bodies at national and international level

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